The origin of S.P.A.B.

The dance school was established on February 12, 2009 as Dance Sensation Foundation as a non-profit organization.

The first location of DSF was in Amboina. The school began in a small room with only 5 students who got dance lessons every Saturday. After growing to 20 students, the school had to move to a new bigger location at the Jong Bonaire. Here too the dance school could grow. Eventually the dance school had 12 classes and a waiting list with students who also wanted to take dance lessons at the DSF. The classes were now also given during the week and not anymore only on Saturdays. Eventually the dance school became so big that it got its own building with classes 6 days a week and classes filled with enthusiastic students who wanted to dance. The dance school also went to offer classes outside the school. This includes: NSO’s, BSO’s, secondary schools, homes for the elderly and different projects.

After a long time doing this as Dance Sensation Dansschool, it became time for innovation. School of Performing Arts Bonaire (SPAB) originated from the collaboration with Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts (LMIPA) in Amsterdam. SPAB is constantly evolving and receives advice from LMIPA to grow even more. From LMIPA, dance teachers and/or trainees are brought to Bonaire to offer our students methods and styles. What began as a dream has grown now into an important place on Bonaire.

Our goal

S.P.A.B. has the goal to give children from all social and cultural backgrounds on Bonaire the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. S.P.A.B. is a non-profit organization that by means of different activities wants to support the artistic life on Bonaire and promote the cultural development on the island. SPAB is a place where children can develop themselves, feel safe and have fun. We form a bridge to Performing Arts in the big world.


Support School of Performing Arts Bonaire so we can give our very talented kids on Bonaire a chance! With your support, we can give every talent the opportunity to follow classes at SPAB and to develop their talent optimally.

Thanks to your support, children and youngsters from families that are less well off, can still follow classes and develop their talent.